Apnea Walking: 4-Week Training Plan



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Apnea Walking: A 4-Week Intermediate Training Plan to Increase Co2 Tolerance

Who is this training plan for?

This plan is level intermediate. This means you should have a basic understanding of what are contractions, and preferably you can hold your breath up until at least 5 to 10 contractions. You are also familiar with the concept of tidal breathing, and recovery breaths.

OBS. If you are not familiar with the above, or if you have never held your breath up until 5 contractions, please follow my 4-Week Static Apnea Training Plan first before proceeding with this Apnea Walking plan.

This document is your guide to increasing your Co2 tolerance while apnea walking, and preparing yourself for all disciplines in freediving like static apnea, dynamic apnea and open water freediving. It is a great dry training tool.

Week by week the intensity of the program will increase, making you more used to longer breath holds and more contractions.

Just follow the program outlined and go through each week as described in the plan and the results are yours. Good luck and enjoy!